A street full of formstone (Image source: http://www.wonderingtheworld.com)

Siri and I are really jumping into this Baltimore thing with both feet.  We love Baltimore and all its quirks.  (Heck, we entered the Kinetic Sculpture Race before we even moved here.)  As home buyers, one of the things to learn about Baltimore architecture is Formstone.  Here is an article that explains more about this great look.

Formstone. Perma-Stone. Rostone. By whatever trade name, the mere mention of simulated masonry can cause a wide range of reactions—from the rolling eyes of homeowners who want desperately to be rid of it, to passionate defense by preservationists of 20th-century building materials.

Perma-Stone is such a common trade name that it’s almost become generic for any of the cement-like materials applied to exterior walls and manipulated to look like stone. If you hail from Baltimore and environs, though, the name you probably know is Formstone, which native son and avant-garde film director John Waters called “the polyester of brick.

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