For the first time in likely 30 years, we have the morning light shining through our transom window.  About a year ago I cut away the drywall and wood paneling that had been covering this up and removed the window for cleaning. Since then its largely been sitting, but finally I got some time to remove the old paint, clean everything and repaint it.  Just last week It went back in.  After two overcast mornings, we finally had some sun.


We’ve also added a new floor lamp be the front window.  The style is very similar to our transom windows.  Although its got the old timey look, the lamp is actually pretty new.20140529-130549.jpg


This lamp I found advertised online for $20.  Not sure on the age, but its built solid.  Probably weighs 10 lbs.  No idea where we will put it, but for $20, I didn’t want to pass it up.20140529-130608.jpg