I’ve vowed to take off for the month of October since it seems every October since we bought the house we’ve had some massive time critical project to do seriously impacting our Halloween costuming abilities.  With a few days left in September, there are still projects to do before it gets cold.

First off is the bathroom window.  This wasn’t a huge priority, but it is one of the few things that would really suck unless its already open window weather.  The main problem is that the wood frame is rotting away and letting water in which has ruined the bricks under it.  To fix it I decided to take it all out down to the bricks, relay the bricks that are loose, point the joints around the ones that I can reach and then re-frame the window.

new window frame and tools

Refamed. You can see the width of empty space beside the new frame where the old counter weights would have been.


Needs some paint.

First round of bricks went well until I realized that the old mortar wasn’t going to harden.  It all had to come out and be redone.  That set me back a few days, but I powered through and got the bricks (re)done and framed it up.

I added 4 studs as well on the sides of the windows.  These are to be used to hang a window box.  We may or may not close it in. It’s main purpose is to hold plants to give us a little more privacy from our neighbors who have a window just oppose ours.


While the weather held out I also knocked off some loose mortar from the alley bricks and Siri painted it up.


Also refurbished our non-venting stove vent to actually vent outside.  This involved disassembled the whole thing, washing it inside and out, blocked off the front vent, opened up the rear vent and adding some ducting.  I’m no longer shy about making holes in my walls so out came the impact drill.  I circle of 1/2″ holes later and I was through the brick wall to the alley.  Finished it up by spray foaming the inside and rebricking the outside.