With the help of the wonderful Casey and Alana we had gotten the top 3 curved treads and the 5 straight treads up several weeks ago after a marathon 12 hour day of working on them.  After that we came to a stand still; we were out of joists to make more stairs.

Siri and I picked 15 feet of joists from our friend Adam. After a quick planing, I marked them out in pencil in the basement to maximize every inch. My goal was to build them while Siri was away in Seattle for a week.  I had a friend Julia come help me cut the boards. Over the next few days I glued, bolted and clamped them together, and then sanded them.  I finally got them in about a week after Siri got home.  Finally we can go all the way up and down without a ladder / stools.


Glamour shots will need to be taken to do these justice.  They look so good.

Emi inspects the stairs for violations.

Emi inspects the stairs for code violations.

To really be done we need to get some railings.  We don’t really miss them though since we never had them to begin with.  Maybe something else for a few weeks though…