This past week we finally got around to crimping our PEX fittings.  We had put this off until we were pretty well done everything else in the hopes that we could rent a  PEX crimping tool for a night to finish it up.  Unfortunately, no where we could find rents PEX tools so now I’m the proud owner of a $60 tool I used for about 2 hours.

All hooked up. The wire nuts on the gray board are currently standing in for our Arduino controlled relay board.

Here is where the bathroom plumbing ties into the core plumbing.  We tested this by running the exhaust through a dryer vent out the window and opening the door on the other side of the basement.  Runs nice and quiet even with the pumps running.  Will likely need to run for a few hours due to the thermal inertia of the house, but once warm, it should only need to kick on every few hours to keep the place comfy.

This photo shows plumbing under the bathroom. The big toilet drain and vent which also serves as the sink drain. The blue PEX is for the sink and toilet. Big red PEX is for the heating system.

Iris had dibs on 1st flush. She couldn’t get enough. Need to put it through its paces, right?

Getting a toilet it was a big deal.  We’ve been having to walk back to the other house each time we needed to go… or use a bucket.

Shower plumbing should be ready to go too, but first Siri needs to get done the tile which should arrive tomorrow.